Community Church

Kilmarnock Salvation Army


Sunday School and Youth Group

The Sunday School and Youth Groupmeet from 11.00am until 11.45am every Sunday.


The Sunday School is for children ages 3 - 12, and is a time of singing, games, drama, crafts and bible stories. The Youth Group is for teenagers aged 13 -17, and learn about the Christian Faith and the Salvation Army, and also take part in special projects.


The Sunday School and Youth Group are part of the Young People's (YP) Corps in the Salvation Army, which also comprises the Singing Company, YP Timbrels, Mime Group and Youth Fellowship.

Maureen Colvin is the Young People's Sergeant Major (YPSM) and leads the YP Corps, with a committed team of YP Workers.

Katrena McDonald leads the Youth Group and is Singing Company Leader.

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The YP (Young Person's) Workers Team

Maureen Colvin

Kirstie MacDougall

Ann MacDougall

John Colvin

Katrena McDonald