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Kilmarnock Salvation Army



The Salvation Army is first and foremost a Church, with our first commitment being worship to God. Our charity and community work is a manifestation of our faith in action.


As a community of believers, we worship regularly together in meetings (services) and through study groups and prayer meetings. Worship in the Salvation Army is held in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, with time spent in prayer, praise and biblical teaching. As you would expect, there is an emphasis on music, with congregational singing and musical items from our singing groups and band.


The Salvation Army encourages congregational participation, with open invitations at most meetings for prayer and testimony (people talking about their faith). Meetings are normally led by the Commanding Officer (minister) however other members often contribute and lead portions of the service.


The PRAYER MEETING is a 30minute meeting where, after a short spiritual message, a time is spent in spoken and silent prayer.


The FAMILY SERVICE lasts for about 1hr 15 mins, and normally has an emphasis on praise, hence there is likely to be a number of 'lively' songs, hand clapping and tambourine playing. There are also musical contributions from the music sections (groups) and a children's story.


The EVENING MEETING lasts for about 1 hr, and normally has an emphasis on holiness (learning to be Christ-like). Although there may be some upbeat songs (hymns) there will also be a devotional time, testimony and an emphasis on bible teaching,

Sunday Worship


 9.30am   Prayer Meeting


10.45am  Family Service


 6.00pm  Evening Meeting

Programme for typical Morning Service


Welcome and call to worship

Opening Song (hymn)

Prayer Song or devotional choruses

Prayer time


Children's Story

Singing Company (Children's Choir)

Scripture Reading


Offering and Announcements

Songsters (Adult Choir)



Scripture message (sermon)


Closing Song


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alternatively you are welcome to email us direct.


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