Community Church

Kilmarnock Salvation Army


Who we are

Kilmarnock Salvation Army is a church of Christians in Kilmarnock in West Scotland.


We are a warm and inclusive fellowship, who are very welcoming to visitors and new members, and would be delighted to see you at one of our meetings (services).


In our fellowship there are Soldiers, Adherents and Friends.

  • Soldiers - full members of the Salvation Army who make  this commitment by signing Articles of War (statement of beliefs) and agree to live a Christ-like life. Soldiers have the option to wear a Salvation Army uniform, although some choose not to

  • Adherents - people who recognise Kilmarnock Salvation Army as their Church, and who want to publicly acknowledge this. Adherents cannot wear full Salvation Army uniform. They also, unlike Soldiers, do not need to abstain from tobacco, alcohol, non-prescription drugs and gambling.

  • People who simply attend the Kilmarnock Salvation Army


In our meetings there is approx a 50:50 split between uniform and non-uniform wearing attendees.

Our Commanding Officers (ministers), are Capts Emma and Les Heal


Salvation Army Officers are ordained ministers and as such can conduct weddings and funerals.


As Commanding Officer, Capts Emma and Les are supported by a number of Local Officers (church members with specific responsibilities:

  • Corps Secretary - Edna McElroy

  • Corps Treasurer - Alexander Scott

  • Young People's Sergeant Major - Maureen Colvin

  • Songster Leader - Enid Dawson

  • Singing Company Leader - Katrena McDonald


In addition there are a number of members who willing take on specific tasks and responsibilities.

Commanding Officers Captains Emma and Les Heal

The Salvation Army has been in Kilmarnock for 135 years.

We recently had a special celebration weekend (with cake!).

Our oldest (96) and youngest (8) members cut the cake

heals2 17.12.30 135 cake 17.12.30 135 cake